The Scrapbook Extravaganza

The Scrapbook Attic has hosted 16 Scrapbook Extravaganzas over the last thirteen years.  The first Extravaganza started in 2002 with about 25 attendees and grew to over 400 attendees throughout the next 13 years.  The Scrapbook Attic has returned to hosting the event once a year to allow The Attic Crew opportunities to host other events as well as The Scrapbook Extravaganza.

The Scrapbook Extravaganza happens each November on the first or second weekend and there is always a theme for the event.  The Scrapbook Attic is honored to present this scrapbook event each year.  Visit our website to purchase your ticket or email The Attic with any questions.  Take a moment to look at our past events and our upcoming 2014 Extravaganza.  
Thanks, The Attic Crew

2014 Extrav Flyer
Extravaganza 2014

Flyer for 2013 Extravaganza

Extravaganza 2013

Flyer for 2012 Extravaganza
Extravaganza 2012

Flyer for 2011 Extravaganza
Extravaganza 2011

Flyer for 2010 Extravaganza
Extravaganza 2010

Flyer for 2009 Extravaganza
Extravaganza 2009